We have quite a variety of critters here at our ranch.
These are some other members of our always evolving family.
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Cinder, 03/31/10
Heart of Choice

Registered with:   American Saddlebred Association, USEF Lifetime, USDF Lifetime
Pedigree:   Heart O'Santana x Attache's Liquid Asset
DOB:   1999
Gender:   Mare
Size:   15.2 hands

Professionally trained in dressage, Cinder had a successful show career early in life. She now enjoys a leisurely life as a companion and riding horse.

We are delighted and privileged this beautiful mare joined our family from our friends at Timber Ghost Stables.


ILR #:   265011
Gender:   Male
Size:   43"
DOB:   09/03/04
Sire:   PLF Mr. Dreamcoat
Dam:   PLF Maywest

Stud Fee:   $100    Available for outside breedings

After years of breeding small and miniature llamas, we have only one male who remains as both a pet and a guardian of the goats.

Dreamin' is a handsome black and white boy, draped with fine, silky fiber to his toes. With terrific conformation and great presence, he was an impressive herd sire. We have retained him for his pleasant demeanor and gentle nature.

Dreamin' joined us in 2005 as a weanling from Powerline Farms in Oregon.

Fowl Things
Our fowl are allowed free-range on the ranch

We have a small flock of about chickens of various breeds, including: Cuckoo Marans, Blue Marans, Red and Black Sexlink, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, and few others of mixed and purebred heritage. While we primarily keep the chickens for eggs, on occasion we allow a hen to sit a next and raise chicks.
Coral Blue Guineas

We have a small flock of Guinea Fowl. All of them are Coral Blue colored. They are really great bug eaters and very useful to have around!
Cotton Patch Geese

We started off with a trio of Cotton Patch geese to our ranch in 2014. Since then, our gaggle has changed and wild geese kidnapped several of our females. We now have only a handful of male geese remaining as pets and weed control.

Read more about heritage Cotton Patch geese and their critical conservation status at The Livestock Conservatory.

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